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18 x 24 Poster Printing - Large Format Poster Printing Company

18 x 24 Poster printing company

A 18 x 24 poster is one of the most commonly used promotional item because of convenient size and affordable cost.


Paper: 100 gloss book with aqueous coating

Size: 18 x 24

Product ID: 1089

Price: $420.00 for 100

Visuals and the text

Any poster printing rides high mainly on account of the visual component. Whether it is a small image tucked in one corner of the spread or a huge imagery mapping the entire poster, the visual is the first contact of the onlooker with the poster. The visuals must be appropriate enough to convey the idea behind the poster. They must complement the text. Even if the idea of a poster is to highlight a grave issue, the images must be chosen with great care to avoid any conflicting situation. We would like to be the printing company you go to always.

The background

The background of the poster can be kept simple. If the design calls for a colored background, choose a rather soothing back ground which is not jarring and does not dilute the impact of the visual or the written text. Get your contrasts and color combinations right. Certain colors have some specific connotations, so be careful while choosing the colour as it could change the entire meaning of the message.

The texture of the poster

What also contributes a great deal is the texture of the poster. A glossy base, for instance, lifts the entire look and feel of the poster as compared to the normal printing paper. The location of the poster also must be kept in mind while deciding on the texture or base material of the poster.

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