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Important Elements of A Pest Control Form

Business forms help a business function more efficiently with it's record keeping/accounting, customer relations, marketing and promotions. A pest control form has unique sections that covers specific services that can be performed and other aspects of the job. This tutorial will help if you decide to design and print your own form.

The Header:

First lets take a look at the top section of the form, which I refer to as the header section. This is where you can personalize the form by adding your logo, business name and other contact details. To the top right hand corner is where you can also place the consecutive numbering. Here is where you help to control and maintain the brand identity of your business. This also help you to make the form more specialized and not just a basic general one.

Your Customer's Contact Information:
pest control form contact information section

Next you want to create a set of lines to capture you customer's contact in formation. You will there have lines for Customer name, Address, City/State, Zip code, and Phone. You also should have the section for Date, Account number, time in and time out. These are significant elements in designing an effective form.

Account Type & Frequency:
pest control account type

It is important to record the type of account you have established with the customer. This will help you to categorize all your accounts to make better decisions in the future. Is it a commercial or residential account? Is it a first time or regular customer? This section will help you answer and record details to these questions. It will also help you to write down the frequency or how often you will be doing the job during the year.

Inspection and Treatment:
inspection and treatment

Now it is time to get into the details of the job being performed. As a pest control professional, your job is the enter the customer's property and inspect the affected areas. Once you diagnose the problem, you will attempt to treat it. The pest control form should have these sections that clearly outline inspection, treatment, targeted pest, site treated, application methods, chemicals used, etc.

Description and Amount:
description and cost of work

Finally you should have a section on the form that gives a general description of the work performed. To the right of the description area you will have the price of cost of the job broken down into hourly of a flat fee.

pest control ijnvoiceYou can always design you own but just keep in mind that DesignsnPrint has mutiple templates of pest control invoices already created and offered on the website. You can also requesta free design of you own form. You can see a sample of a popularly used pest control form at


Posted on March 23, 2016