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What's Printed on The Back Of The Auto Repair Invoice Form?

Sometimes I get calls with questins as to what is it that's  printed on the back of an automotive repair order, therefore I didcided to write this article to share this information. Keep in mind that some forms may have specific information printed because they are customized, but generally speaking the back will contact the information layed out below.

This auto repair invoice has a last copy that is made from a sturdy or firm manila like paper stock. It is at the back of this copy to which we are make reference. 

At the absolute top section it states: "Before writing on this side, detach this sheet from set - Record time by starting at bottom of "TIME" column in space marked "ON". Below that is a table that is seperated into two major sections, "ADDITIONAL PARTS LISTINGS" & "LABOR".

The Additional parts listing section is made up of three major calumns, "QUANTITY", "PART NO. AND DESCRIPTION" and "PRICE". The labor section is made up of five calumns, "EMPLOYMENT NUMNER", OPERATION NO", "COST", 'TIME ELAPSED" AND "TIME".

The bottom section gives a summary for labor, parts, accessories, gas, oil and grease, outside repairs, etc. You can then subtract your total cost from sales amount to get your gross profit. 

This back section could be seen an a ledger. 

Posted on March 29, 2016