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The Information on The Back of An HVAC Service Order Invoice Form

The are a number of different formats available for heating and air (HVAC) service order invoice forms. They may be laid out or designed differently but that all capture the same information for the most part. It all boils down to your prefference and what meets your business needs best.

The question I get asked a lot is what exactly is printed on the back of the lasp copy. The last copy is made from a thicker more sturdy manila card stock paper and on some HVAC forms, it is blank. Some, on the other hand, has a section printed on the back of the last copy which have four major tables.

The first labeled " ADDITIONAL MATERIALS, SERVICES AND LABOR." as you can see from the image below, you can write in, the quantity, unit price, amount, hours, labor and rate. You can then write in the totald for materials and labor.

back of HVAC work order invoice

The second table is labeled "JOB COST RECORD". Is also allows you to write up the quantity, description and cost.

The third section has a table labeled "TIME AND LABOR RECORD". This where the technician's name is written, the date, time in, time out, hours, rate and the total amount of money charged.

The last section is labeled "OTHER JOB EXPENSES". To the right of that you can summerize all your costs, the total selling price, gross profit and your net profit. An image of what is printed on the entire back of the HVAC work order form is included below for your reference.

back of HVAC work order invoice form


Posted on March 30, 2016