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Hotel Luggage Tag for The Tracking and Identification of Luggage

Hotel luggage tags are used by bellmen and check-in staff to identify and track the luggage of their guests. These are commercial format tags that are made from thick card stock paper to endure the rigurous handling of baggaes. Tags are also made of plastic, leather and other materials, but paper is the most commonly used material by hotel because of the cost and efficiency.

The hotel keeps more than 1000 in stock to manage the inflow and out flow of their guest as they check in and out.

The hotel luggage tags are consecutively numbered, perforated, and pre-printed on both sides pf the paper. They also have a hole puched at the top for attachment to the luggage.

The easiest and fasted way to acquire these tags is to purchase the general pre-printed formats. They printed and ready to be shipped by the supplier/printer. Most of the larger hotel chains customize their luggage tags to highlight their brand name. These include hotels such as:

  • Best Western
  • Ascott The Residence
  • Centra by Centara
  • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
  • Langham Hotels
  • Renaissance Hotels Marriott
  • Mandarin Oriental

Posted on December 10, 2021