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Custom Vinyl Banner Printing Service

custom vinyl banner with grommets

Custom Vinyl Banner Printing Can be the Key to Your Advertising Efforts

There are a number of things you could try to make a dramatic announcement at your local store and Custom Vinyl Banner Printing is certainly one of them. It is an effective marketing tool because it readily grabs attention with the right pictures and words. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; therefore you should always keep that in mind when making advertising banners and signs.

It’s a wonderful method for promotions because you can use it to influence a person’s thoughts immediately and also their actions. There is something about a billboards, banners and signs that allow them to stick in your head. You may not remember an address but you will remember a custom made banners and signs you saw somewhere in the past. 


If you are struggling with the question of how you make a banner, we are here to help. We will design you custom banner for FREE. You just pay for printing and shipping. 

Quality /Material
The banner is printed on only one side on 15oz Premium Scrim. You have the option to make it Matte or Glossy Vinyl with brass grommets attached strategically for ease of use. The durability is one year for outdoor and 2 years for indoor use.

Use – Marketing and Promotions
Custom vinyl banner printing is used to promote events, at trade shows, as a sign on a building, make announcement, and promote products, advertisement and more. Once you install it, your marketing effort is set in motion for a whole year or more.

How is it designed or made
How do you make a banner that’s effective and grabs attention? First you always have the option to allow us to create it for you. In the case where you want to design your own, you should use programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. This will ensure you have the best output. Depending on if there is only text or graphics are involved, MS word or even PowerPoint could be used. Make sure to get the dimensions scaled properly so that the banner will fit the space where it is going to be placed.

Other things to consider about this product
1.    Size – sizes can range from 2’ x 4’ up to 4’ x 10’. Custom sizes are also available.
2.    Color – Full color printing on digital printers using Eco-Solvent inks 
3.    Quantity – 15oz Durable Vinyl
4.    Price – low cheap price of $36.00 
What Problem does the product solve based on your headline