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Foiled Stamped or Blind Embossed Stickers

Custom Printed Labels

Foil Sticker Printing

Allow us to create an elegant look for you business at a great price. Foil stamp stickers comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Additional sizes available. Call for price quote: 1-800-492-1218
The fade resistance may vary depending on color and/or geographic location.
Price includes one ink color; print up to 3 ink colors. Four or more inks available; please call for pricing.
Great to promote your products..

Foil Stamp Label Printing 

Stock for Foil Stamping: White Gloss, Clear Film, White Matte, Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Black Gloss, Forest Green
Stock for Blind Embossed: Gold Foil, Silver Foil

Available with one standard single foil or blind embossed imprint. Foil and emboss combinations available. Please call for pricing. Fine lines, borders and fonts must be at least 3-pt. thickness. Reverse are not recommended. No charge for plates. Provided on rolls only.

Standard foils are copper, gold, blue, black, silver, red, light bue, green, black matte, white. 
Many people are not clear as to the difference between embossing and foil stamp labels. When they try to place an order it may not be clear what type of label is required. An embossed label is created by using a die template of a shape to press into the back of the paper stock to make an impression of that shape. It's almost like molding a shape. These labels are mostly created from foil paper stock. Foild stamping on the other hand is created through the transfer of foil onto the paper stock with heat. This is one on the front of the paper. It is a commercial print process that uses pigment or metallic foil. The two most common foils are gold and silver. It can also be various patterns or pastel foil. A more 3d effect can be created by combining both foil stamp and embossing. Foil stamping is also used on promotional items like pens, pencils, books etc.