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We offer a wide variety of printing options for the healthcare industry. These include hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office, lab, nursing home and other healthcare facilities. Integrated or value added features like multiple bar codes help to provide patient privacy and ensuring accurate tracking of medication and services. Other options like multiple integrated labels using human readable numbering as well as 1D or 2D bar codes are combined with multiple part forms to create a chain of custody.

Our security featured papers allow laboratories and physicians accurately assign results to the correct patient record. Multiple layers of security paper help to deter counterfeiting and in the authentication process.

We offer critical care documents like healthcare forms with numbering, bar codes and error free. The printing is done in continuous, unit sets, pen writable or laser formats.

Capabilities of Healthcare Forms:

  • Integrated Labels
  • Affixed Labels
  • Bar Coding
  • Integrated Cards
  • Die Cutting
  • Transfer Tape
  • Labels
  • Color Coding


Applications for Healthcare Forms:

  • Lab Report
  • Pharmacy ID Cards
  • Chain of Custody
  • Physician’s Orders
  • Prescription Pads
  • Statements
  • Mont Sheets
  • Personnel Worksheets
  • Pharmacy Labels
  • Sedation Records
  • Patient Sign-In Forms