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Manual Business Checks - Printed & Personalized With Logo

Manual Business Checks - Printed & Personalized with Logo

A manual business check is made with pre-printed sections so it can be completed by handwriting the related details of each section. It gives one the flexibility to write checks quickly without the need for a printer. They are also portable with 7 holes to place in a register or binder. Businesses and financial institutions like banks can personalize the checks by adding a logo for branding.

We specialize in a wide variety of manual business checks for payroll processing and disbursement.  They are referred to as manual checks because you have to physically write the necessary information onto the check for effective use. Small businesses and professionals may want to make payments to employees outside of the regular payroll schedule. This could be a situation where you have to make an adjustment to salary like correcting underpayment.

Use manual checks for payroll or multi-purposes like accounts payable, cash disbursement, or just personal use. Our checks are a single sheet, 2 parts, 3 parts, & 4 parts.

You can personalize a check by adding your logo, business name, and the information of the financial institution. There are other things to consider like the color of the check, faded background images, watermarks, typestyle, and ink color. We offer the following check design options; antique, tranquility, green marble, the American spirit, quarry, vanguard, gentry with gold foil accent, & starling gentry with silver foil. The voucher printed on the top, bottom, or side stub, documents payment details. You can add an extra signature line and more.

Adding your logo to a manual business check also gives you the ability to personalize and enhance your brand. It's a form of advertising that gives you automatic promotions with every check that is written. Get noticed and be remembered over your competition with your contact information printed and highlighted at a prominent position on the check.

Manual Business Check Features and Formats

  • 3-On-A-Page - Many 3 on a page checks has 7 holes that allow you to easily place them in a binder. Additionally, you can also choose from those with a corner voucher, window envelope voucher checks, duplicate or 2 parts, with end stub, double side tear voucher, deposit tickets, & more.
  • Business Size - These are used as payroll checks and be small one write a check, medium size with a voucher
  • One-Write - Pay bills and employees! Carbonless strip automatically copies everything to the register as you write checks
  • Personal - Personal checks with eye-catching images faded in the background. Small and compact pocket size.
  • Portable - Traveller business or personal checks are full-sized, yet easily carried in your purse, briefcase, or pocket!
  • Voucher - Side stub and voucher for record-keeping
  • Wallet - Choose 150 checks with 50 deposit slips, or 300 checks with 100 deposit slips.
  • Signatures Lines - Add one or two signature lines and wording or text above the signature line
  • Secure - Security features like chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure protection, security screen & warning box.
  • Same day check printing - Place your order before 12:30 Eastern Time and have them printed the same day. This is our rush order option and it cost an additional $145 for same-day and $58 for next day printing. (FREE SHIPPING on your first order - ground standard only). Fast printing and shipping!

We strive to give you many options to choose from and make your online check ordering experience the best. Contact us first for fast turn around time (3 to 5 business days) and cheap prices. Choose one of our stock logos from the image library or upload your own.

How to Purchase Manual Business Checks Online

Once you have identified the check that you want, it time to now input the information that you want to print. This includes your logo, business contact information, the name and address of your bank, select whether you want one or two signature lines, the starting check number, your account number, and the routing number. You must then select the quantity, ink color, and shipping method.

Another easy way to place an order is to upload a voided check copy. We will send an email proof for your approval before printing. We try to separate ourselves from the many check printing companies out there by offering great customer service and premium quality printing. Our check choices are much more than a local bank can offer you. Place your order online or give us a call today. 1-800-492-1258.