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Guest Checks

Guest Checks Personalized with Your Logo

Guest checks are generally used by restaurants, hotels, bars, and other establishments that sell food and beverages. They used to take the order of patrons by listing specifically what each person sitting at a table would like to eat or drink. These could be items like breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. The information written on the guest check is then taken back to the kitchen where the chef can prepare the food to be served to the customer. They are already preprinted with lines and numbers so that each the information can be easily itemized.

Custom Printed Guest Checks

Guest checks can be personalized or custom printed with your business information and logo. This will help to build your brand and promote your business. The bottom portion of the check is perforated and printed as a guest receipt. It can be torn off and given to the customer. This is the section that can be customized by adding your logo, company name, address, phone number and website address. This is significant because everytime you give a customer a copy, you are essentially promoting your business. We also offer four ink color choices; black, red, green, and blue. You can rest assured that each guest visiting your restaurant, bar, hotel or whatever business you operate, will be satisfied with these premium quality guest checks. 

Elements of The Custom Guest Check Books

Apart from custom printing the guest check books, they are also designed and printed with features that will allow you to take orders easily. You can purchase with 50 per book or pad. These features ensure a smooth and efficient system where the customer leaves your establishment feeling satisfied. The title is printed in larger text and it clearly says GUEST CHECK  in bold. Below that there are the options for guest, server. table number, and date. It is pre-printed with a set or about 14 numbered lines so that each order taken can be identified. You can also write the total cost for the food, beverage, subtotal, taxes, and grand total. "Thank you" is also written in large highlighted text so that the customer knows that you appreciate there visit and support. The last section of the guest check is the guest receipt, which is perforated and customized with your business information. They can be secured on a clipboard or in a folder.

Carbonless 2 or 3-parts guest checks

This option allows to make a carbon copy for your record keeping and the top white copy can be used in the regular operation of the business or given to the customer. The checks can also be numbered just like regular invoice forms. having multiple copies help you to streamline your business operation and ensure an efficient accounting system. 

How to Order Online

You can shop for guest checks online by selecting a template that best fits your needs. Select the quantity, ink color, size, and the number of checks per book or pad. Stock items are already pre-printed and can be shipped fast because no personalization is necessary. If you select a template that needs customization, you must also input your business contact information and upload your logo if you have one. We will send a proof for your approval before printing.