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Purchase Order Forms

Purchase Order Forms

A purchase order form is used by a purchaser to indicate that there is a final confirmation in placing an order for goods and services. The document is sent to the seller with the details and authorization of the purchase. These may include stock items, services, materials, things to be necessary, etc. The vendor will use the paperwork, which is sometimes referred to as the (PO), to accumulate all the things ordered and is nor in a position to bill the purchaser. This is necessary to communicate a common understanding between the buyer and seller. All the prices are included, description of items, quantities, materials, and totals.

Purchase Order Form Sample:

Small Business Promotions, Inc
Atlanta Office
123 Address Line
City, State, Zip Code

PO No.: 00098765
Date: 07/08/2020
PO Status: Closed Complete

Mark Myers
123 Courland Street
Atlanta, GA 30349

Terms: 60 Days
Phone No.: (800) 123-0987

Small Business Promotions, Inc
Atlanta Office
123 Address Line
City, State, Zip Code

Phone No.: (800) 983-1282
Attn. Mike

Martin Delgado 07/01/2020 Ground Carrier  Management Department
1 1 The rear right tire for delivery van 132.50 132.50
3 Cases 3 Cases Hanging File Folders; 1/5-Cut, Letter Size   50.00 150.00
2 cases 2 cases Catalog Envelopes, 9" x 12", Brown Kraft, 100/Box     80.00 160.00
1 1 Home Tiverton 59" Executive Desk, Rodeo Oak 189.00 189.00
1 1 Self-Inking Printer 20 Stamp 29.90 29.90
      ORDER TOTAL    $660.00  


1. Please send _________________ copies of your invoice.
2. The order is to be entered in accordance with the prices, delivery, and specifications shown above.
3. Notify us immediately if you are unable to ship as specified.

Thank you.

The purchase order form that we are referring to here is mostly manual paper forms that have to be written onto manually. They are made from carbonless paper that produces multiple copies from an original copy. You can have Duplicate (2 parts), Triplicate (3 parts), Quadruplicate (4 parts), or Quintuplicate (5 parts). They can be in a book, continuous, or individual sheet format. You may also be interested in Proposal Forms

What's Imprinted on Purchase Order Form

There are a number of standard formats or templates to choose from that include the basic information necessary for an efficient order. The form can also be customized to create a totally unique format that is more relevant to a particular business. Here are some examples of what's printed on them:

  • The name and contact information of the Seller
  • The name and address of the Buyer
  • The date, requisition number, and ship to section
  • Quantity ordered quantity received, stock number, and description.
  • Rates, unit prices and totals
  • The authorized signature

How to Use a Purchase Order Form

1. Add your logo, business name, and contact information
Customizing your purchase order will save you time while filling it out and it also helps to promote your brand. It shows professionalism and consistency.

2. Select the right vendor
The last thing you want to do is send your order to the wrong seller. This could cost you time and money. It is therefore important to know the seller's name, address, phone number, and the specific goods or services that they offer.

3. Fill out the necessary information on the form
Communicate clearly with the seller by inputting all the information relevant to the purchase. These are things like the item name, item code, quantity, price, etc.

4. Send the order to the seller
Now that the form is complete, it's time to send it to the seller requesting your materials or whatever you intend to purchase. This can be done by mail or hand-delivered by you or your employee.

5. Keep a copy
You can keep a copy of the purchase order form for yourself as a means of record-keeping or double-check items when they are delivered.