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Contractor Invoice

Contractor Invoice Forms

A contractor invoice is a business form that shows the details of the job of the contractor. It is used in billing the customer or collecting the money for the work performed. The work is normally pertaining to construction, home building, and repair. These invoices are a valuable resource for the general contractor who is working in the field and may need to create a manual invoice format. It is made from NCR carbonless paper with 2, 3, or 4 parts, some of which have a manila card stock for the last copy. Explore our pre-printed invoice forms or request a price quote for your own unique design.

Printing Contractor Invoice

Contractor invoices are used to bill customers for work done within the industry. It is used by professionals like home builders, carpenters, woodworkers, handymen, roofers, etc. It also applies to architectural engineering or building engineering and building design and construction. You can order forms that are relevant to the job and profession like estimates, invoices, work orders, receipts, graph pads, and more. For a fully customized contractor invoice forms, please contact us and we'll create a design from scratch based on your instruction or ideas.

The benefits of using a contractor invoice include:

  • Keeping a good record of billing and balances
  • Bill clients for completed jobs or collect down payments
  • Record the details on new construction, house repairs, maintenance, etc.
  • Operate a professional and organized business

Printing and Customization Options

Personalization or customizing a contractor invoice helps in aligning your services with the profession and state more accurately the jobs you do. It creates a more specific copy than a generic invoice. In creating a custom format, you have the option to do things like printing on the back of each carbon or carbonless copy, consecutive numbering, adding disclaimers or terms of service, full-color printing, perforations, etc. You may also choose to make the forms in a book, as individual sheets, snap sets, or as continuous computer forms. Register forms are also common among contractors since they are out in the field. There are manual forms with two holes punched at the top for placement on a clipboard or in a register.

How to Bill Customers Using a Contractor Invoice

A contractor must take a number of things into account in the process of providing the labor and material needed to do a particular job successfully. One of such things is invoicing the customer so that he can get paid. The aim is to do masterclass work to where your talent and professionalism shines through. You then present the contractor invoice to get paid for a job well done. 

Complete all sections of the form including the description of work, materials used, labor, rates, amounts, dates, taxes, and totals. All invoice formats are not created the same, some are more specifically geared toward a particular field of work. Therefore the information required on the form may be different. A contractor can be hired to build an entire house, additions, or make repairs.

Our contractor invoice form can be used for job types like the following:

  1.  General Contractors - A manager or foreman of a building construction site who manages the daily activities the job.
  2.  Building Contractors - Contractors who are related to construction sites taking care of laborers, materials, hired professionals, etc.
  3.  Carpenters - A skilled professional who specializes in woodwork, concrete, or other craftsmanship related to building materials in construction.
  4.  Electrician - The tradesman who specializes in the electrical wiring of buildings or other places where is electricity.
  5.  Plumbers - The plumber specializes in the flowing water, sewer, and drainage in plumbing pipe or systems
  6.  Mason - The trade craftsman who deals with bricks, stones, and concrete in building structures. They can build or repair walls, fences, foundations, chimneys, driveways, etc.
  7.  Excavator operators - These are professionals who use equipment excavators to construct infrastructure like roads, building foundations, bridges, etc.
  8.  Demolition crew - These construction specialists who specialize in the tearing down or demolition of structures.
  9.  Concrete specialist - The professional whose main work is the mixing or formation of concrete to build structures like walls, buildings, sidewalks, driveways, etc.
  10. Special Trade Contractors - These are specialist who focuses their trade or attention on unique areas of the construction trade like highway divisions walls, roads, bridges, underwater concrete work, etc.

Our contractor invoices are pre-printed and created with the areas for you to fill in. This ensures a more efficient way to complete invoices that will save time and money. You can place an order online and receive a proof via email before we print and ship them to you. 

Why Should You Use a Contractor Invoice Forms

Invoicing for contractors has evolved over the years to include a number of options like downloading free templates, online invoice generators, special accounting software, and manual carbonless formats that are already pre-printed. We specialize in making carbonless forms and feel that it is a very efficient way to bill your customers for payment.

Our designers have already taken the time to design different formats with sections that will be pre-printed. This eliminates the guesswork and ensures that you work more efficiently. You basically just have to fill in the blank areas or answer the questions to complete each form. 

You can choose a custom contractor invoice book with 25 or 50 carbonless sheets per book, a register format where you place the forms into a metal register with holes at the top hold them in place, or just individual loose invoices. They are all professionally designed and printed to add value to your business.

Place an order online, request a price quote, or contact us with your questions. 1-800-492-1218.