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Automotive Tags

Automotive Service Key Tags

Auto tags come in a variety for forms depending on if you operate an auto service shop or a dealership that sells motor vehicles. For the automotive shop, the most common form of tag is the automotive service key tags. These are used to keep track of cars and other motor vehicles being serviced or repaired. They are made from a sturdy paper material with a hole punched at the bottom for the attachment of the wire key ring. They are also imprinted with sections for you to write in the vehicle information like year, make, model, number, color extra, and price. Select from multiple colors including red, white, light blue, light green, yellow and orange.

Automotive Service Key Tags

If you have a car lot and you sell either used or new vehicles, you will find that these automotive tags can be a huge help for your business. It can make getting organized easier, and it can ensure none of your salespeople sell a car that they shouldn’t. Today, there are many different types of automotive tags available to help those who are running a car lot. There are auto ID tags, for example. These tags can be numbered, and then assigned to the vehicles in the lot. You can then use that number to refer to the vehicle in all of your other paperwork, and so you know where that vehicle is located.

In addition, there are hold and sold tags. This lets the salespeople know that they are not supposed to sell certain vehicles on the lot that have already been promised to other buyers. In addition, there are blank automotive tags, paper key tags with rings, and large tags that allow you to place the “was” price with the “now” price, showing the customers what a great deal they are getting. Adding these professional tags to your business, no matter the size of your car lot can provide a nice touch. Automotive key tags can also be custom made for rental car companies, moving companies that rent trucks etc.