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Continuous Accounts Payable Check, Preprinted Voucher, Personalized Printing, Carbonless Copies

Size: 9.5" x 7"
Min/QTY: 500
Price: $273.73

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Item#: DCB210 
Size: 9 1/2 X 7
Parts/Copies: 1-Part/Original, 2-Parts/Duplicate, or 3-Parts/Triplicate
Compatible Printer: Dot matrix printer and computer software
Printing Turnaround Time: 5 to 7 days
Check Format: Computer Business Continuous Check

Continuous Accounts Payable Check Printing

This check format is preprinted with six columns on the voucher/stub for Reference, Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Amount, Discount, and Net Amount. The check portion is preprinted with the words PAY TO THE ORDER OF, DATE, CHECK NUMBER, and AMOUNT. It is made with security features on the back to help prevent fraud and ensure a more secure check-writing process.

We personalize the check by printing your logo, business name, address, etc. There are multiple carbon copy options for you to choose from and the holes on the side align perfectly with dot matrix or pin feed printers.


  • To pay bills and expenses
  • Pay workers at the end of a pay period
  • Used to summarize payment details such as deductions, and mounts
  • Used by businesses with a checking account


  • Pay voucher showing earnings, deductions, pay rate, hours/units, etc. The tear-off voucher works for purchasing, payroll & so much more
  • Multi-part carbonless copies
  • Security features on the back of the check
  • Seven paper colors to choose from. Herringbone colors: Gray, Blue, Green, Marron, Tan, Purple, and Yellow
  • Compatible with Peachtree (R) software.
  • Matching Companion Envelopes available

Mail this check format with a self-seal double window envelope. It also works well with the Deposit Ticket Book and a Self-Inking Endorsement Stamp.

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