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Automotive Repair Invoice

Size: 8.5" x 11"
Min/QTY: 250
Price: $252.00

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Product# ARO-672
Size: 8.5" x 11" finished size.
Parts/Copies: 4-Parts/Quadruplicate (white, pink, yellow, and orange pages)
Paper Material: Carbon paper copies
Ink Color: Black
Format: Snap Set Format
Customization: Add Logo and Customize
Printing: Turnaround 4 - 7 days
Shipping: 3 to 6 days standard ground.

The auto repair invoice form

The auto repair invoice form is used by automotive shops and service stations to bill customers for work done on their vehicles. It is a billing statement made from carbonless NCR paper with multiple parts so that there are copies for the customer, mechanic, the office, and for your own records. It is consecutively numbered so that each invoice can be uniquely identified. The auto repair shop needs an effective billing system to ensure the effective operation of the business. Available booked into sets of 50 (stapled through the stub and wrapped with a heavy manila backer) for an additional charge.

The invoice can be customized to fit the unique features of a repair shop or you can use one that is pre-printed with all the necessary fields and ready in place. The pre-printed format is very popular because all you have to do is write in the relevant areas and personalize it by adding your logo and business information. Personalize it by printing your logo and business information.

How to use the auto repair invoice form

Customer's Information - In this section, you write in the customer's name, address, phone number, VIN, year, make, model, license number, odometer, customer order number, and date the vehicle was promised to be delivered.
Parts - You can input the details related to the parts required for the repair like quantity, part number, name, and cost. There is also a column that is coded for N-new, U-used, and R-rebuilt. 
Special Parts - There is a small section for you to give information on any special parts used in the repair and the cost.
Repair Order Labor Instructions - In this section, you describe what repairs need to be done and the associated costs. 
Internal Summary - Here you list account number, charge, and cost.
Recommended Service - In this section, you can list a number of other recommended repairs to the customer.
Additional Materials - Gallons of gas, quarts of oil, lbs of grease, and the costs.

This is a very comprehensive auto repair invoice format that can be used by just about any garage for repair services offered. 

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