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Wristickets - Tyvek®

  • Item#: PWTSCHOOL
  • Printed in fluorescent pink ink
  • Colorful wristbands constructed of Tyvek®, with tamper-proof security, die cut
  • Size: .75” x 10”
  • Quantity: 1000 per box
  • Do you want this tag custom printed? Request a custom printing quote.

Wristband Tag For Schools Printed & Numbered

Wristband tags are a pretty common sight at many schools these days. They have become a very great tool to identify each student or group of students at special college events and gatherings with large crowds of people. Effective wristbands are essential as they help to regulate access control and ensure safety especially in a student gathering where the age limit is required.

Our unique and colorful wristband tags are tamper-proof and can easily help you to distinguish between different age groups, genders, and classes in a school environment. 

Our wristbands: 

  • Validates the authenticity of the owner’s studentship
  • Serves as a viable means of identification should your ward get lost

Wristband Tag For Schools: Simple and Firm

Our wristbands lock firmly on your ward/kid’s wrist to prevent easy removal. Printed in fluorescent pink ink, they come in a wide variety of colors and are made of premium tamper-proof material.

They boldly display the school name, school phone number, and the student's name in large text to help identify your students whenever you are on educational tours or field trips. They can also serve as access to the gym, cafeteria and makes you eligible for all student’s rights.

You can order a custom print that will intuitively help to promote school spirit while ensuring your child’s safety at school.


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