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Item#: 53861 
Size: 19 x 28"

  • Size: 19" x 28"
  • Min/QTY: 100
  • Price: $253.02


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Large, super heavy duty security bags for high volumes of cash. Ultra-level tamper-evident closure provides the highest degree of security to protect against theft and alteration.
Use Security Bag Endorsement Stamp (D2037) to imprint with your name/banking information for accurate processing.

  • We've updated these best-selling deposit bags with stronger yet thinner plastic and a new look.
  • Our new Ultra-level tamper-evident closure indicates our highest degree of security against all mechanical (hand-pulling), chemical (solvents), thermal (hot air and freezer spray) and moisture (licking with tongue) tampering attempts.
  • Easy-to-understand pictorial instructions increase deposit accuracy and reduce banking transaction fees.
  • Single pocket high security deposit bags made from all-clear #4 recyclable plastic.
  • Unique barcoding and numbering on bag and receipt make processing easier while reducing risk of errors.
  • Use the receipt from the release liner for convenient tracking and deposit identification.
  • Easy tracking; double barcode for federal deposits.
  • Use with Security Bag Endorsement Stamp (D2037) to imprint your name and banking information ' eliminates the need to mark every bag by hand which may lead to processing errors.


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