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1 Part Inventory Tags - Preprinted On Front & Back, 3 1/8 X 6 1/4", Prenumbered, Box Of 1000

Size: 3 1/8" x 6 1/4"
Min/QTY: 1000
Price: $103.60

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Item #: P15400

  • 1-Part Inventory tags preprinted on the front and back
  • Size: 3 1/8 x 6 1/4"
  • Ink color: Printed on both side in Black Ink
  • Fiber patched hole and perforated with a tear-off stub
  • Consecutively numbered on two sections, top, and bottom
  • 10 pt. paper stock
  • Manila Paper Stock

This pre-printed one part inventory tag is used for the counting or stocktaking of products, articles, or materials. It is a stock item because it already printed, numbered, and ready to ship in 24 hrs to 3 days. It is made from 10 pt. sturdy manila card stock paper material with a hole so that it can be attached with wire or a string. This tag has only 1 part with no carbon copies.

What's printed on the front of the tag?

The front is printed with sections for you to write information about the stock item such as:

Article or Kind of Material: This where you write the stock item name
Amount: The amount is the unit count of the stock item
Unit: Unit means singles, pairs, pieces, pounds, feet, yards, gallons, realms, etc.
Tag Number: The tag is perforated and numbered in two areas. This will enable you to trace and track items.
Unit Price/Total Value: You can enter the dollar amount related to the item
Remarks: There are two blank lines for you to write notes related to the item

What's printed on the back of the tag:

The back of the tag has rows and columns for you to write dates, stock in, stock out, and the balance.

1 part inventory tags are cost-effective and made from sturdy card stock material.

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