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Barcode And Variable Imaging

  • Print Marking systems for Shipping, products, mailing, return goods and other applications where affixed labels are the best solution.
  • Transfer tape liners.
  • Multiple labels within a single document.
  • ‚ÄčLabel size large and Small

Labels are everywhere and the majority will have a barcode. This barcode is used to store information on a product such as Item number, price, date of manufacturing or other information. It has to be accurate so that they can be scanned using modern technology and if they are sequential, they can't be any duplicates or they may be serious consequences. A duplicate number inside a hospital could  create a mix up and show the wrong person as being pregnant. Barcode labels are used in many markets, such as health care, manufacturing, warehousing, trucking and annual permits. They are printed with the latest digital technology so they are crisp and clean. 

We can provide these in a roll, sheet, or fan fold format depending on your needs. they can also be affixed or integrated into business documents including books for the trucking industry. If you need 1-D or 2-D printing, labels or labels integrated into a business form, DesignsnPrint has got a solution for you.Call us now or Request a price quote online. 1.800.492.1218

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