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Straight Bill Of Lading - Short Form, Carbon Copy, 8 1/2 X 7"

Size: 8 1/2" x 7"
Min/QTY: 500
Price: $372.40

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Item#: R1200 
Size: 8 1/2 x 7"
Parts: 3-Parts/Triplicate,  4-Parts/Quadruplicate or 5-Parts/Copies
Production: 5 to 7 business days (enquire about rush same day or next day printing options)
Shipping: 3 business days 
Features: Carbon Copies, Personalized, Custom Printing

Product Description

Eliminate mix-ups with a separate area for billing and shipping addresses. Avoid confusion! Send an invoice that includes order number, what's shipped, what's back-ordered, payment terms,? and more.

  • Consecutive numbering available.
  • The last copy of 4 and 5 parts are a Packing List with prices blocked out.

What is Pre-Printed on This Form?

Received, subject to the classification, and lawfully filed tariffs in effect on the date of issue of this bill of lading.

The property described below, in apparent good order, except as noted (contents and condition of contents packages unknown), marked, consigned and destined as indicated below, which said carrier being (the word carrier being understood throughout this contract as meaning any person or corporation in possession of the property under the contract) agrees to carry to its usual price of delivery at said destination, if on its route, otherwise to deliver to another carrier on the route to said destination, it is mutually agreed, as to each carrier of all or any of said property over all or any portion of the said route to the destination, and as to each party at any time interested in all or any of said property, that any service to be performed hereunder shall be subject to all the terms and conditions of the Uniform Domestic Straight Bill of Lading set forth (1) in Uniform Freight Classification in effect on the date hereof, if this is arail or a rail-water shipment, or (2) in the applicable motor carrier classification or tariff if this a motor carrier shipment. Shipper hereby certifies that he is familiar with all the terms and conditions of the said bill of lading, set forth in the classification or tariff which governs the transportation of this shipment, and the said terms and conditions are hereby agreed to by the shipper and accepted for himself and this assigns.

From: [Your company & Address Name Goes Here]
Consignee and Destination: [The consignee and destination name and address goes here]
Date: [  ]
Shipper Number: [00000]
Carrier Number: [1111111]
Route: [_________]
Delivering Carrier: [_________]
Car or Vehicle Initials & Number: [__________________]

Number of packages / Description of Articles, Special Marks and Exceptions / ERG # / Weight (subject to coor) / Class or Rate

Placards Supplied [ ] Yes  [ ] No  Driver Signature: __________________________ Emergency Response Phone No. ____________

Shippers Certification: This is to certify that the above-named materials are properly described, denoted, packaged, marked and loaded, and are in proper condition for 
transportation according to the applicable regulations of the Department of Transportation.

* If the shipment moves between two ports by a carrier by water, the law requires that the bill of lading shall state whether it is "carrier's or shipper's weight."
Shipper's imprints in lieu of stamp; not a part of the bill of lading approved by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation.
Note - Where the rate is dependent on the value, shippers are required to state specifically in writing the agreed or declared value of the property.
The agreed or declaired value of the property is hereby specifically stated by the shipper to be not exceeding ____________________________

The shipment is correctly described. Correct weight is __________ lbs.

C.O.D. Shipment. C.O.D. Amount $ _________  Collection Fee $ _________  Total Charges $ _____________

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