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Product # Custom SSPTag
Continuous Construction
Customized format and size to fit your business needs
This is a custom item that requires a price quote

Custom continuous tags are used by businesses to assist in the identification of products, labeling, and tracking items. They play an important role in the management of assets. These tags are used in industries such as agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, medical, education and government, financial, hospitality, travel, utility, waste management, retail, etc. 


  • Continuous Construction: Center to center width, the tear-out size, center to the edge, margins with holes, and the carrier.
  • Materials: We offer a wide variety of paper materials with different levels of thickness and quality
  • Reinforcements Available
  • Constructions: Single, Continuous, and Multiple Parts
  • Variations: Printed 1 or 2 sides, Perforations, Special Punches, Consecutive Numbers, Bar Codes (Consecutive & Static), Variable Data (Tag-to-Tag), Timing Marks, Marginal Punch, Feed Slots, and Transfer Tape


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