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InfoCard Id Card
Lay Flat Affix Card - Plastic Foldover
Integrated ID Cards and Integrated Labels

InfoCard Id Card
Card-in-the-Well, Lay Flat Design

An affixed card that is placed "in a die-cut window". It can be used on any pressure seal or cut sheet 11", 14", or 17"
application. Ideal for library cards, discount cards, health care, or any unique application where a card is needed.
Laser printed compatible. Label-in-the-Well is also available.

Lay Flat Affix Card - Plastic Foldover

Fold-over format for simplex imaging
Compatible with all digital print methods
Superior signature compatibility
Superior toner bond coating

Affixed Label is available in the Lay-Flat format

Integrated ID Cards and Integrated Labels

Cards or labels are created from the same sheet, ensuring color continuity from form to card. Laser printer compatible. One side or two-sided laminate. Available in up to eight colors, including process color. This format can be used for direct mail.


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