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Carpet Cleaning Receipt

Size: 8.5 x 11
Min/QTY: 250
Price: $98.00

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    Carpet Cleaning Receipt - Prices from $98.00 for 250

    • Size: 8.5" x 11"
    • Carbonless: Carbonless - 2 and 3 parts
    • Black Ink
    • Add Logo and Customize
    • Turnaround 3 - 5 days

    Product Details

    Carpet Cleaning Receipt Features

    Standard Sizes:

    • 5.5" x 8.5"
    • 8.5" x 11"
    • 8.5" x 14"
    • Custom sizes available

    Paper Options:

    • 2 Part Carbonless NCR
    • 3 Part Carbonless NCR
    • 4 Part Carbonless NCR

    Ink Colors: Standard PMS colors like Black, Red, Green, Blue and full color printing avaialble.

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    Carpet Cleaning Receipt Marketing

    How to use product: When you get that call for a carpet cleaning job, all your cleaning equipment should be in the van ready to go. You should also have a professional receipt to give to your customer after the payment is received. The shows that you are seripus about your cleaning business and you approve the job with a certain level of professionalism. Fill out the pre-printed sections with information like material and labor costs. Give a copy to your client and keep one for your records. This is a manual form that has to be completed by hand.

    Where to use Product: You can easily write up this form on the job or at the physical location where the cleaning is being done. If you have all the pertinent information, the receipt should be filled out long before you get to the job site. This will help ou to work faster and more efficiently. 

    Who uses product: This carpet cleaning receipt is designed and printed for the carpet cleaning compnay. It can be used for both residential and commercial jobs. It does not matter if you are cleaning a small home or a large hotel.

    Why use this product: The is a receipt but also serves as a contract that could help yu to avoid legal implications later. Customizing by adding your company logo and contact information allows you to futher market and cature peoples attention. It help to build your brand identity. It helps both you and your customer keep record of the job and transaction.

    Carpet Cleaning Receipt Printing Options

    Note that even though some forms are preprinted, you also have to option to futher personalize each receipt. You have options, in ink color, sizes, the design, perforations, hard cover backing, numbering, books of 50 each, etc.

    Carpet Cleaning Receipt Design and Templates

    Email or upload your own design
    We can create a custom design for you Free

    We print and ship to Cities and states including 

    Custom, large, small, cheap, wholesale. Carpet cleaning receipts can be customized to be made into a booklet format. Books are printed in sets of 50 or 100. The receipt can also be consecutively numbered for easy record keeping. 

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