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Raised Ink Letterhead Printing - Laser safe

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Themograph Letterheads
Raise your image with the look and feel of laser safe thermography. ideal for letterhead and envelopes or anything you might want to run through your laser printer or copy machine.

Thermographed letterhead and envelopes are both heat and melt resistant in your laser printer or copy machine. Thermography is available on all of our stationery stocks, and in any ink color or cobination. Ask for recommended paper stocks that will produce the best results in your Laser Printer or Copy Machine.

Thermography letterhead and envelope Company
Ink Colors for raised lettering:
Black, Bugandy, brown, silver, red, process blue, green, reflex blue, gray, teal, gold,


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  Raised Letters on business cards
  Flat ink printing, laser safe and 2 sided items
  Many paper stock and colors available
  Additional Color ( Our PMS Colors )
  Custom PMS Color

PMS inks have custom service charges which apply. Color of stock may affect ink color.. Refer to the ink Color section or available colors or give us a call. Each business card commonly has one mainline, the company name. The remaining text is the body copy. Standard mailine text when not using a design Ide will be 12 point Hevetica Bold, upper case unless otherwise indicated. The standard 12 point type size will be used on all block type and 18 point on ll script type and will be automatically be used if not specifically requested.