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Retail Store Banner

A retail store can use banners in a number of ways to attract more attention and generate sales. Shop owners have increasingly use this method of advertising because of the return on investment comepard to ther options. Vinyl banners are very cheap and considering that you are not limited to the information that you can print on it, because full color is the same price as printing a single colors. The process of printing is the same. You can purchase a durable 15 oz vinyl banner, size 3' x 4', full colors, with brass grommets included, glossy or matte for as low as $38.00 or ever cheaper. These are premium quality material that last as long 1 year for outdoor and 2 years for indoor.

You have to get the proper permit to place signs outdoor in some cities like in Atlanta,, Ga. while in other like Los Angeles, Ca there aren't much restrictions. You can this method of marketing to promote specials sales, announce grand openings, as a sign on a building, promote events etc. A retail store/shop can create a banners vertically or horizontally. The latter orientaion is more common but vertical banners that is on a pole or stand is very attactive and can draw lots of attention. Once you put it in place on the stand or a building, yu don't have to worry about moving it again unless you want to. It's a great way to advertise and promote.

Here are some examples of banners used by retail stores all over the country. I hope these will help you generate ideas for yur own designs. If you would like a custom design or banner printing, please give us a call 1.800.492.1218

vinyl outdoor banner now leasing sign
Commercial banner advertising property lease purchase. This could be placed on a building or fence tied with strings so that it stays firmly in place.

banner promoting a business or products
Advertising Product and Company.

African Hair Braiding Banner
This is an African Hair Braiding Banner used to promote a brading shop. It could be used on the side of a building or road side on a fence. Similar style could also b used for a barber shop, hair salon, nail shop, massage parlor etc.

used card dealer vinyl outdoor banner
Used card dealer vinyl outdoor banner printing.

Furniture clearance sale
Furniture clearance sale

Gym Membership at sports and fitness center
Gym Membership at sports and fitness center

Auto service Oil Change Banner
Auto service Oil Change Banner

Retractable Vertical Banner printed for health and beauty business
Retractable Vertical Banner printed for health and beauty business

Here are some ideas for the wording that could be used for specific stores or business place.
Barber Shop - Advertising Special, New Opening

Hair Salon - New Hair Style, Half off prices on Braids

Shoe Stores - New Opening of Store, Closing of Store and everything has to go, Buy one get one half off sales

Clothing Stores - Summer/Winter Sales, New Collection coming soon

Cell Phone Stores (e.g. Apple Store, Verizon, AT&T) - Marketing of a new phone coming out, Introducing new phone plans, Sales

Sports Stores - New shoes coming out, new jersey's, sales

I hope these banner ideas will help to inspire you in creating your own custom vinyl banner sign. DesignsnPrint - Custom Printing